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Cnc product Mastro Machinery


We focus on low-to-medium batch production. 

Our goal is to make outsourcing machined parts be easier and reliable.

Factory china mastro machinery


Who we are?

Mastro Machine Shop is a custom manufacturer in Taiwan & China. Our business is to support customers around the world to outsource their machined parts. We have our own machine shop and complete supply chain as well.


What services we provide?

We provide manufacturing services includes CNC Machining, Metal Sheet Fabrication, Surface treatment and many more. We focus on Low-to-Medium batch production from 1 pcs to over 5000 pcs.


What's our goal?

To make our customers feel 100% no worries about handling many steps for manufacture processes. We'd like to make outsourcing easier and reliable.

Mastro Machine Shop Company Ltd. was founded in 2016. 

We focus on small to medium machined parts, low-to-medium batch production, and also offer contract manufacturing for large qty. 


In the beginning, our main business is producing automatic machine components for Original Brand Manufacturer in Europe and the USA. Due to the increased turnover and production capacity, now we have grown to serve customers in various fields like auto parts, medical, optical, automation, autobody repair, welding equipment and more.​


Many of our customers had bad experiences when they outsource custom machined parts overseas. They face issues that include bad communication, hard to control quality and lead time issues, these problems make them step back from outsourcing overseas.

We team up experienced technical people to serve our customers. Our service team offers Technical support, Drawing services, and provide ideas to lower the manufacturing cost. We aim to offer the best services that eliminate the barriers of outsourcing machined parts. 

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