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Aluminum Parts Machining
Leave it to us!

The Mastro Machine Shop is quality one of the aluminum machined parts batch production manufacturers in Taiwan & China. As a specialized CNC Machine Shop with years of experience to make aluminum appearance parts & components, Mastro Machine Shop offers expertise and complete processes for simple or complex aluminum machined parts. 

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Outsource your
Aluminum Machined parts?

Outsourcing the machining parts of the product could be risky, especially for the quality required aluminum appearance parts or components.

It's not easy to control the quality when you cannot visit the outsourced supplier's factory. 

We think to be a reliable supplier for customer products outsourcing; the supplier needs to have some necessary points:

  • Complete machining processes

  • Complete surface finishing processes

  • The capability to integrate above processes

  • Standard Procedure for batch production

  • Reliable Quality assurance

These key points are why we are proud to be a reliable machine shop when customer outsource their products to us. 

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Complete Machining Processes make products perfect

For quality machined parts, It's best if most of the machining processes are controlled by one factory.

We have many kinds of CNC machines and machining processes and manufacture in our shop. 

Based on our S.O.P, Before every batch, we would have built a complete plan for smooth and efficient manufacturing processes when ready to batch production. Every process links to another one by step and is under control, making the quality of the product.

Here are our machines.

  • 4-axis / 5-axis CNC machining

  • Vertical / Horizontal Milling

  • Turning CNC

  • Turning-Milling CNC

  • EDM

Suface Finishing

Integrate the complete Surface Finishing

To manufacture perfect Aluminum appearance parts, in addition to machining processes, It always needs quality surface finishing. It's crucial to integrate the machining processes and surface finishing perfectly.

Every machining & surface treatment process affects the outcome of the final parts.

We guarantee our customers to have satisfied products by fine-tuning the processes plan.

Our surface finishing for the Aluminum appearance parts includes: 

Anodization, Polish, Sandblast, Tribo finish, and so on.

All the surface finishing are focusing on aluminum machining parts.

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Batch Production Quality

  Mastro Machine shop is an ISO 9001 certified factory. 

We see quality management as our top priority mission.

For batch production, everything needs to be paid attention to avoid mistakes and cause unqualified products.

Based on the ISO quality system, we have a complete quality management and we can also customize any qualification procedures that you require.

Mastro Machine Shop approach to batch manufacturing reliability consists of the following:

  • Materials inspection and certificates check

  • Pre Production Quality Planning

  • Pre-Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

  • In-Process Controls (every processes)

  • Visual Inspection

  • Outgoing Quality Control 

  • Lab testing


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Use our machining services

  Although Outsourcing the machining service might be risky, it has many benefits, including cost reduction, lead time reduction, supply chain leaner, the free start-up cost for buying machines. All you need to do is find a reliable partner.

Feel free to consider our services when you have the requirements of the following:

  • Products need quality appearance aluminum machining parts.

  • Products need quality aluminum components.

  • Batch production requirements and need a stable production and quality

  • High requirement of surface finishing

  • Lead time requirement

  • Need to reduce the manufacturing cost

  • Know more about the machining


We have experience in your specific quality expectations for quality aluminum machining parts.

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